Work For Us

We are looking for experienced powerlevellers, questers and minigamers!

Requirements and Terms of Service

1. You must speak fluent English!
2. You must be able to play for atleast 4 hours a day (the more, the better!)
3. You must be experienced in account levelling, questing or minigames!
4. You must use OSBuddy for automatic screenshots!
5. You must put down a deposit depending on your reputation!
6. If you want to make the most money then you've got to train multiple accounts at once!
7. You will receive 80% of the orders total and I'll pay you once you complete your order!
8. If something happens to the account then you will be responsible and will not be paid!
9. If the completion of the order is delayed then you will get a reduced pay!
10. If you think You've got what it takes then fill out the form below and add me on Skype or Discord!