Terms of Service

Refund Policy

In most cases delivery of gold is instant, however in the unlikely event that we are unable to deliver within 24 hours we will refund you in full.

Once we have delivered you the gold there will be no refunds.

Item Termination

We are not responsible for any lost property after delivery has been completed, whether it be due to malware, account termination or in-game scams.


In the attempt to defraud RuneMob your information may be provided to the relevant authorities and criminal charges may be pursued.

In the event of a successful payment reversal you are hereby in debt to RuneMob for the amount reversed. We have the right to seek repayment for reversed transactions from future orders.


RuneMob is no way shape or form affiliated with Jagex LTD. Jagex LTD owns all the rights to all the content associated with Runescape.com.

Delivery Dispute

If you believe that you did not receive gold from your order please contact us at support@runemob.com and include all necessary information for us to conduct an investigation into your claim. Do not under any circumstances file a dispute with payment processor or you forfeit any right to delivery.

Identity Verification & Refusal of Service

RuneMob has the right to ask for further personal information to verify the legitimacy of your payment. If you are unable to provide the information required to verify your payment we have the right to cancel the payment/order.

RuneMob has the right to request any of the following information including but not limited to photo identification, phone number, and address to process your order.

Failure to provide requested identification may result in refusal or termination of service.

RuneMob reserves the right to refuse or terminate service for any customer, for any reason, at any time.


You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless RuneMob.com, its affiliates and its and their respective owners, investors, contractors, officers, directors, members, managers, partners, shareholders, licensors, suppliers, customers, employees, agents, third-party advertisers, technology providers and service providers from and against any loss, damage, cost, or liability (including, reasonable attorneys' fees) resulting from or relating in any way to a third-party claim, demand, action or proceeding that arises out of this Agreement or the Site, including but not limited to in relation to: (a) your use, non-use or misuse of, or connection to the Site, the Services and any Content (including without limitation your Content and any third party Content) forming part of the Site.

Governing Law

All terms are governed by the laws set forth in the country in which the Headquarters of RuneMob is located, The United States of America.

Virtual Items

All products sold by RuneMob are virtual items and hold no monetary value. We do not facilitate the sale of any virtual or digital currency and any attempt to do so on our website is strictly forbidden.


RuneMob is not in any way shape or form a digital currency exchange service. Attempting to use our website in such ways is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban from the website. If you buy a product you are not allowed to sell it back to us. Any attempt to circumvent our system will result in a ban from our website.

Third Party Links

RuneMob hereby relinquishes its liability to be held accountable for any damages, cost, or losses caused by any third party website linked on RuneMob.com.


RuneMob is not in any way shape or form an escrow service. Attempting to use our website in such ways is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban from the website. We will not hold onto funds or facilitate third party deliveries. By using our website you agree that the products you are buying are for you and that we are not being used as an escrow or intermediary.

Changes to Agreement

RuneMob reserves the right to modify the terms and agreements at any time. It is your responsibility to check for any changes listed in the Terms of Service. Your decision to continue use of RuneMob.com constitutes formal acceptance of the new Terms of Service. Should you not agree to any provision to the Terms of Service, we hereby ask and advise you to immediately terminate use of any service provided by RuneMob

Acceptance of Terms

Use of any services provided by RuneMob constitutes your acceptance of the Terms of Service agreement.